Radiation Oncology

At the forefront of advancing radiation treatment

The Radiation Oncology Program at CancerCare Manitoba consists of three disciplines: Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics and Radiation Therapy. This team has been at the forefront of advancing radiation treatment through research and innovation.

CancerCare Manitoba was the first in Canada to implement single-fraction SBRT (stereotactic body radiation treatment) for lung cancer. The pandemic required that CCMB reduce the exposure of cancer patients to COVID-19. As such, the Radiation Oncology team designed and studied a research program that decreased the number of patient visits for radiation treatments without compromising patient care and outcomes. Results from this innovative approach demonstrated the schedule was safe and effective for carefully selected patients with robust treatment planning. This method has since become a standard method of treating select patients at CCMB. Results have been presented at national and international conferences with many other cancer centres now following suit.

CancerCare Manitoba is the only cancer centre providing Calypso-based SBRT for lung cancer to improve the precision of radiation treatment delivery. The Radiation Oncology Team conducted an investigator-initiated clinical trial to establish the safety and benefit of this approach. The Calypso is a small implantable radio-beacon inserted in the lung close to the tumour and tracked in real-time to monitor the position of a tumour in the lung while radiation treatment is being delivered. Based on the results of the study, the use of the Calypso system in the delivery of radiotherapy has been adapted as standard care in select patients.

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