Cancer Modeling & Imaging Core

Understanding cancer biology in whole organisms

The ability to study cancer development in the context of a whole organism is essential for our understanding of how cancers develop and spread. It is equally as important in the development of novel cancer therapies that may subsequently be used to effectively treat cancer patients. Cancer modelling has and will continue to lead the way in our understanding of cancer biology and the development of novel cancer therapeutics. Dr. Jody Haigh, Senior Scientist at the Institute, is leading this platform.

The CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute has refurbished and expanded its housing capacity with state-of-the-art SPF-IVC (Specific Pathogen-Free Individually Ventilated Caging) infrastructure.

Enabling translational cancer research

The underlying goal of this platform is to enhance translational cancer research and enable future top-level publications and in turn, increase national grant funding success. Overall, these initiatives form the basis of pre-clinical translational activities at the Research Institute whereby basic research findings can be validated in cancer-relevant models that are expected to enhance competitiveness in obtaining external research funding from national and international funding bodies and ultimately in the design of new drug-based clinical trials that can improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients.

Research Platforms — Tools of Discovery

The Research Institute provides several core resources, or platforms, to member scientists that enable the advancement of their research. The platforms, detailed below, include specialized technologies, equipment, data, and services. While each platform has important scientific applications on its own, the collective suite enables collaborations and synergies across research disciplines. Thus platform investment decisions are an important strategic function of CancerCare. Funding for the platforms includes the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, managed research grants, and various funding agencies, universities, and government bodies. 

Manitoba Tumour Bank

A biobank facility with a collection of cancer-related tissues

This well-curated and annotated repository provides a critical research service for our scientists and others across Canada and internationally.

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Genomics and Bioinformatics

Delivery of the right care to the right patient — at the right time

Genomic sequencing is key to precision medicine, enabling medical decisions based on the patient’s unique genomic composition of cells.

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Clinical Informatics

Making high-quality data available to cancer researchers

Collecting and organizing clinical information from multiple sources allows for detailed analysis using modern data science techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Quantitative Imaging, Phenotyping & Sorting (QuIPS)

Foundational for cancer and blood disorder research

Understanding how cells act and interact with each other helps identify the molecular events driving cancer development and progression.

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