Lawrence Ryner, PhD

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Lawrence Ryner, PhD

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Research Discipline(s): Medical Physics

Primary Title: Medical Physicist

Additional Titles & Affiliations:


MRI, Radiotherapy, Brain Cancer, Prostate Cancer

Optimizing MRI for use in radiotherapy

Research Summary

My research focuses on the use of advanced MRI to go beyond anatomical information and use physiological maps – such as blood volume, blood flow, water diffusion, metabolite distributions, oxygenation – to inform radiotherapy treatment planning and monitoring.


Using advanced MRI to 1) better target the tumour, 2) minimize the radiation delivered to normal tissue and 3) better measure treatment response

Research Biography

Having obtained my PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I went on to work at the National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics, serving as the Group Leader for Magnetic Resonance Research and Development. In 2012 I joined the CancerCare Manitoba team and have continued my research on the use of advanced MRI in oncology.


  • Full patent – “Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging with a Variable Repetion Time in conjunction with a Variable Data Acquisition Window”; Inventor – Lawrence Ryner; Canada serial # 2,341,812; US serial # 09/814,731; Submitted 03/2000; Received 07/2002
  • US patent 7,319,784 B2 (2008-01-15) Ryner LN, Westmacott G, Latta P, Davison N, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using a Conformal Voxel.
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    Featured Publications

    • Bergen, R; Ryner, L; Essig M. (2020). Comparison of DCE-MRI parametric mapping using MP2RAGE and Variable Flip Angle T1 mapping. Magn. Reson. Imaging. 2020: 1-7.
    • Bergen RV, Ryner L, Essig M. (2020). Field-map correction in read-out segmented echo planar imaging for reduced spatial distortion in prostate DWI for MRI-guided radiotherapy applications. Magn. Reson. Imaging. 67: 43-49.
    • Mutch, WA.; El-Gabalawy, RM; Ryner L; Puig, J; Essig, M; Kilborn, K; Fidler, K; Graham, R. (2020). Brain BOLD MRI O2 and CO2 Stress Testing: Implications for Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorder following Surgery. Critical Care. 24: 76-89
    • Mutch WAC, Ellis MJ, Ryner LN, McDonald PJ, Morissette MP, Pries P, Essig M, Mikulis DJ, Duffin J, Fisher JA. (2018). Patient-Specific Alterations in CO2 Cerebrovascular Responsiveness in Acute and SubAcute Sports-Related Concussion. Front. Neurol.9: 23.

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