Harminder Singh, MBBS, MD, MPH, FACG, CAGF

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Harminder Singh, MBBS, MD, MPH, FACG, CAGF

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Research Discipline(s): Health Services, Translational, Clinical

Primary Title: Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Manitoba

Additional Titles & Affiliations: Co-Lead, Manitoba Hereditary GI Cancer clinic; Director of Research, Canadian IBD Research Consortium; Adjunct Scientist, Research Institute, CancerCare Manitoba; WRHA City Wide Endoscopic Services โ€“ Director of Research;Associate Professor of Medicine, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba; Biochemistry & Medical Genetics; College of Rehabilitation Sciences


Colorectal Cancer, Lynch Syndrome, Hereditary GI Cancers, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, IBD

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Research Summary

Dr. Singh co-leads the Manitoba Hereditary GI Cancer Clinic (also known as Lynch Syndrome Clinic) at CancerCare Manitoba. His research interests include prevention and screening for colorectal cancers as wells as health outcomes/health services research. He is one of the leads of the team, which established the provincial program to improve detection of those with Lynch Syndrome and improve management of those detected with Lynch Syndrome. Lynch Syndrome is the most common cause of hereditary colon cancer. This provincial program has undergone enhancements based on the quality assessment and improvement projects lead by Dr. Singhโ€™s team. Dr. Singh has led several studies assessing risk of colon cancer following colonoscopy, which paved the way to his interest in improving outcomes of colonoscopy. He investigated characteristics and risk factors for colon cancers potentially missed on colonoscopy. Subsequently, he has led several studies assessing the efficacy of bowel preparation agents to help prepare for colonoscopy, with the goal to improve detection of colon cancer and colon cancer precursors on colonoscopy. He has led a large integrated knowledge translation project in which a large team assessed the information needs for patients coming for colonoscopy and using feedback from patients and providers developed resources for patients undergoing colonoscopy. These resources are available on the website: www.mycolonoscopy.ca and are widely used for people preparing for colonoscopy. He is involved in several studies assessing non-invasive/blood markers of colon cancer, so as to improve uptake of screening and detection of colon cancer. He is co-lead of a national study assessing risk of cancers among individuals with IBD, a group with increased risk of certain cancers. He is an Alumni Member of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care and part of the group publishing the Prevention in Practice series of articles in Canadian Family Physician since 2017, as a knowledge translation effort to improve preventive care, including screening of cancers.


To enhance prevention and screening for colorectal cancers; healthcare delivery for those with IBD and for those with Lynch Syndrome

Research Biography

I am a clinician scientist with training and expertise in gastroenterology and clinical epidemiology. My research interests include prevention and screening for cancers and improving the benefits from colonoscopy. My expertise spans clinical epidemiology, pharmaco-epidemiology and health services research. I have participated in several national and international clinical practice guideline panels. My research interests also include epidemiology and outcomes among those with C difficile infection and IBD epidemiology.


  • Department of Medicine, University of Manitoba Faculty Development Fund award. 2004
  • Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Fellow. 2020
  • Elected fellow, American College of Gastroenterology. 2013
  • American College of Gastroenterology/Naomi Nakao Gender-Based Research Award. 2012
  • The Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology Dr ABR Thomson/Dr CN Williams Award. This award is given each year to the authors of an original research paper published in the Journal which is judged by the Associate Editors to have the greatest potential for impact in the areas of Gastroenterology or Liver Disease. 2011
  • University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine Liam J. Murphy Young Investigator Award. 2010
  • ACG/Olympus Colorectal Cancer Prevention Abstract Award for the best Colorectal Cancer Prevention Abstract at the 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting. 2010
  • University of Manitoba Aubie Angel Young Investigator Award in Clinical Research. 2010
  • MMSF/ University of Manitoba Dr. F. W. Du Val Clinical Research Professorship Award. 2007
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    Featured Publications

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    • Singh H, Turner D, Xue L, Targownik LE, Bernstein CN. Risk of developing colorectal cancer following a negative colonoscopy examination: evidence for a 10-year interval between colonoscopies. JAMA. 2006 May 24;295(20):2366-73.

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